Saturday, April 16, 2011

Google Analytics on all of Bb jsp vs just on login page

On another test Bb server (still at 9.1SP3), I put the google tracking code on our custom login page.

With that I could get the same level of visitor information as before: visitors, their browser information, their geolocation, etc.

And until the content tracking is more meaningful, maybe that's all you really want.

Update: April 25th

A funny thing happened when I started looking at the visitor analytics of our Bb 9.1SP3 test server's login page.  I was seeing odd referring sites.  On investigation, it turns out the external DNS assigned to our test server was also, at one point, used by another site.  So we were picking up those hits!


  1. Is it not meaningful because it is on a test server? Or are you looking for specific information out of the Google Analytics?

  2. Hi Ezra. The content tracking wasn't meaningful because you either get URLs (which you have to figure out where they go) or titles which were generic. I was thinking that content tracking (at least by title) would be more meaningful if Bb would inject something like courseid into the titles.