Sunday, May 15, 2011

Google Analytics and Mobile Learn

Can you track Blackboard Mobile Learn access?

Yes, but you may have some difficulty separating out "pure" Mobile Learn from clients who use browsers on Mobile Devices. Especially since Mobile Learn also allows clients to launch the browser when it encounters something it cannot display, e.g., an assessment.

Note: because of SSO (SiteMinder) we have our own custom login page. We put the GA tracking on the login page. And we have the Mobile Learn Building Block configured

Authentication Type: Force To Web

This forces the Mobile Learn client to our custom login page.

Google Analytics: Visitors > Mobile > Mobile Devices shows Android and iOS (iPad/iPod).

When I accessed via Mobile Learn on the iPad, it showed up as "Mozilla Compatible Agent/iPad", where "Mozilla Compatible Agent" is the browser type, and "iPad" is the Operating System.

Google Analytics: Visitors > Mobile > Mobile Carriers shows Sprint access

Google Analytics allows you to filter based on "Mobile Devices". You select an "Advanced Segment" called "Mobile Traffic".

Here's Content Overview without any filtering:

Here's Content Overview filtered on "Mobile Traffic":

Blackboard recently updated the Mobile Learn building block (91.2.9); among its features is

Blackboard Mobile Learn usage analytics available from the Building Block registration page (MLBB-118)

We'll be taking a look at that next.

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